Ultimate Sacrifice

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About the authors

Lamar Waldron's groundbreaking JFK book "Ultimate Sacrifice" has been featured by hundreds of newspapers and radio stations, as well as Fox News and the Geraldo Rivera Show. It won praise from publications ranging from the San Francisco Chronicle to Publishers Weekly in the US, and overseas from the Sunday London Telegraph and Germany's Der Spiegel. It even caught the attention Congress, who made a report by Waldron part of their official record for their March 14, 2006 Hearing on the Reclassification of secret documents.

Waldron's book was praised by a top Mafia prosecutor for Robert Kennedy in 1963, Ronald Goldfarb, marking the first time in over twenty years a book explaining JFK's assassination has been praised by someone who worked closely with John or Robert Kennedy. Waldron's work has also been endorsed by veteran FBI agent William Turner and Kennedy biographer John H. Davis. Others who have acknowledged Waldron research include historian Dr. John Newman, former Congressional investigator Gaeton Fonzi, and authors Anthony Summers and Gus Russo.

Waldron received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Georgia State University, and had seven years of experience in the criminal justice field with the state of Georgia. He lives in Atlanta, GA.

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