Ultimate Sacrifice

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Media Appearances

Upcoming and Recent Media:

4/4/08 Air America Radio, The Thom Hartmann Program, at 2pm (Eastern): The first public news about "Legacy of Secrecy," the authors' follow up to "Ultimate Sacrifice." The fall 2008 book will contain important new revelations about Mafia confessions to JFK's murder, the involvement of two of those men in Martin Luther King's assassination, and Commander Almeida's high profile in Cuba since Fidel Castro stepped aside.

2008, 2007, 2006: "Ultimate Sacrifice" is the subject of a documentary which airs on the Discovery Channel and the Discovery-Times Channel. Titled "Conspiracy Files: JFK Assassination," it was produced by NBC in early 2006, before the new trade paperback could reveal Commander Almeida as JFK's coup leader. However, the documentary still gives a good overview of the Mafia's role in JFK's assassination and features an interview with former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden.

CNN, "The Situation Room," 11/23/07: Lamar Waldron appeared on CNN to discuss the information about Abraham Bolden in "Ultimate Sacrifice." The story and a link to the CNN video are also available at Raw Story (rawstory.com).

9/07: Lamar Waldron appeared in a German Public Television special about JFK's assassination, "Der-Kennedy-Mord." Also appearing in the special
were Sen. Edward Kennedy, Gore Vidal, and former RFK Mafia prosecutor Ronald Goldfarb.

2007, 2006: Gore Vidal--who knew both JFK and RFK--devoted two chapters of his most recent autobiography, "Point to Point Navigation," to
"Ultimate Sacrifice" and JFK's assassination.

Sept. 2006 to Feb. 2008: dozens of radio and newspapers stories about the new revelations in the trade paperback of "Ultimate Sacrifice."

Media Highlights

San Francisco Chronicle, Book Review, review 2/26/2006
Buzzflash.com, Chapter 1 book excerpt with endnotes, 2/18/2006
Common Dreams article by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, 2/17/2006
California Literary Review, Lamar Waldron interviewed 2/13/2006
Online journal, book review, 2/3/2006
AlterNet, feature article, 2/3/2006
Mary Ferrell Foundation, feature, video interviews, and documents (ongoing)
Spokane Spokesman-Review, review, 1/16/2006
London Sunday Telegraph, book review, 1/15/2006
Jay Thomas radio show, Sirius, 1/9/2006
KFI Radio Los Angeles, the Ken Gallacher show, 1/7/2006.
Der Spiegle, interview, 1/6/2006
Greater Milwaukee Today, review, 1/5/2006
Dallas Morning News, book review, date 1/1/2006
Tampa ABC Action News, Flashpoint, interview, 12/25/2005
Air America—The Mike Malloy Show, 12/2/2005
UK Independent, article, 12/2/2005
Salon.com review and 5,000 word excerpt 12/1/2005
Salon.com Author’s Response 12/7/2005
Buzzflash.com, book review 11/28/2005 and Introduction excerpt (with endnotes), 12/05/2005
(Great Britain) National Talk Radio, Howard Hughes, 11/28/2005.
Washington Post, Book World, book review, 11/27/2005
Washington Post apologizes for review, 2/5/2006
Washington Times, article, 11/24/2005
United Press International, article, 11/24/2005
WCCO “Al Malberg Show" (CBS affiliate, heard in 35 states), 11/22/2005
KNX Radio News (Los Angeles, CBS affiliate), 11/22/2005
Las Vegas Review-Journal, article, 11/22/2005
“GERALDO AT LARGE", Nationally Syndicated, 11/22/2005
St. Petersburg Times, feature article, 11/21/2005
“COAST TO COAST AM" (ABC radio, 500 affiliates including WABC, New York; WLS, Chicago; and KFI am 640, Los Angeles) 11/21/2005
Publisher’s Weekly, STARRED review, 11/21/2005
“..no future historian of that tormented period in American history will be able to ignore their very convincing presentation…"
WRIF-FM (Detroit)“Peter Werbe Show" taped interview to air 11/20/2005. Book featured prominently on their website www.peterwerbe.com
FOX NEWS CHANNEL’s “The Big Story", 11/20/2005
“Thom Hartmann Program”, 11/18/2005, 11/25/2005, and 12/2/2005. All rebroadcast on AIR AMERICA and over 200 stations www.ThomHartmann.com
National Public Radio’s All Things Considered 11/16/2005
Liz Smith Feature 11/15/2005 Syndicated in over 70 newspapers inc. NY Post
“I believe this book is the closest we are going to get to the truth until 2017."
Publisher’s Weekly, 2-page feature. 11/7/2005

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